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Simply Suzy Photography Design

good afternoon people! here's what i've been working on lately and just finished this weekend:

 working with Suzy was awesome to say the least. she is super easy-going, patient, and hilarious. she is a photographer located in the Salt Lake City, Utah area, she works night shifts at a hospital, and has the cutest little one-year-old baby girl around. just a few months ago i lived within 30 miles of her, and so i was dang sad when K and I moved away, because she has some mad photography skills that i wanted to take advantage of! (so all you Utah peeps better look her up-she's amazing!)

Suzy asked me to help her out with a logo design, header image, and some other tweaks. i was super nervous at first because i haven't "officially" ever designed a logo for someone (eeeek!). but i think it's safe to say it turned out great :) while helping her, i was also able to get a feel for the WordPress platform, which is crazy different from Blogger. not sure how i feel about it still, but it did make me feel a little bit more confident about helping all you WP lovers out there (someday, but not quite yet!).
go see Suzy's site here.

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