freebie: what e're thou art...{printable}

there were a lot of awesome quotes said during this last session of general conference (not sure what that is? learn more here), and ever since i heard this particular quote from Elaine S. Dalton, i have been wanting to create a printable on it. i finally squeezed some time in to my schedule to bust it out, and here it is!

this quote hit home with me. i think because at the time i was feeling slightly frustrated with a lot of things that  i couldn't control. when i heard it, i was reminded that i can control me, and what i do. i can be the best stay at home mom i can be. i can be the best wife i can be. and those are the things that really matter anyways!

so i hope you like it! i made the above gold as a 5x7 and an 8x10, then i also made another one in an aqua/grey wash that is 5x7. here's how i displayed mine:

you can download them from the boxes below:

>>5x7 gold:
>>5x7 aqua wash:

>>8x10 gold:


  1. I came across this blog a month or so ago! I have to say I love pretty much everything you do! This caught my eye. I am the YW President in my ward and with Girls Camp coming up. I would love to use this as a night time treat. I was just wondering if you would make it into a bookmark? That would be absolutely awesome if you could. My name is Sheena- email is! I would love to hear back! Many Thanks!

    1. cool! i think my "dream" calling would be in YW! haha. and that's probably why i'm not i can grow elsewhere :)

      i'll be sending you an email here shortly Sheena!


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