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nails: gold + mint

i know it seems i am in love with every polish i put on, but seriously, i am a little obsessed with this gold/mint combo lately (c'mon, who isn't?)!

the polish:
(okay i know it may seem like i used an overwhelming amount on these nails, but really it wasn't! ha ha. i'll explain below...)

left to right >>
• new york color, matte me crazy
• pure ice, superstar
• wet 'n wild, fergie
• new york color, long wearing nail enamel, extra shiny top coat (#271)
• live love dream aero, new years bash (got this at aeropostale for like $1 at christmas)
• sally hansen, xtreme wear, mint sorbet (#340)

hahaha. okay so that was a lot to type out....for just being nail polish! here's what i did:

1// painted my nails (all but my ring fingers) with mint sorbet, let dry
2// used the matte top coat on those
3// painted my ring fingers with one light coat of superstar(aka white), let dry
4// painted my ring fingers with one coat of new years bash, let dry
5// painted my ring fingers with two coats of fergie, let dry
6// used the extra shiny top coat on those two

why i used two different gold polishes: because the first one had smaller gold flecks to cover more completely, but i loved the big flecks of the second the most. and i didn't want a lot of white to show through(even though that could look cute too). i used the extra shiny top coat because i wanted the gold to, you know, shine! and stand out. they are so fun to look at, and the gold is so girly! here's the pic i sent my sissys the other day when B and i went out for a walk:

i just loooove this color combo-it's so pretty!

*do you love gold and mint?
i used to hate gold, but it's growing on me more lately. i realize it's been big for a while...i am always just slow to fall in love with the new fashion trends! ha ha


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