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welcome! from the wee one and me

happy friday afternoon! yaaaaaaay! i am beyond excited to share some of my latest blog designs with you...but they will have to wait until monday (ah, killer i know. please forgive)! <<that is definitely one of the highlights of my days-getting some alone time, during B's nap time, to create and design. ahhh i love it. with that said, here are just some pics of the babe and i, to say HEY! and WELCOME! to you new followers! i'm so happy you found me here in this little corner of the internet where i like to share my designs and creativity! 

thank goodness it's friday! i thought last week -when i had to write and give a talk- was long and stressful. but man this week things have been popping up right and left. it's ridiculous. and i'm at a point where i kind of want to just pull my hair out...don't worry, i haven't yet :) ...mostly because i know all of these mini "trials" are just that. mini. they won't last forever. and they are helping me grow, stay productive, re-evaluate my time, are teaching me how to work more efficiently, and are reminding me what is most important in my life (that would be my family and the gospel, in case you were wondering). however, i did have a nice long vent sesh with my mom about some of these things, and that helped too. haha. she's the best at listening, especially when i don't want to drop my frustrations on K when he comes home from a long day at work :)

and that's enough about that. in other news, did you know Google Reader/GFC is going away? you guys, it will officially be no more as of July 1st! ahh! i am pretty bummed about it, but have been following peeps via Bloglovin. so if you still want to see what i'm up to, or know when i post freebies, go and follow me there! (i have a little button on my right sidebar you can click, or just click >>here!<<) I have also set up a Google+ page, (which bytheway, i am loving them more and more), so you can follow me over there too, if you want.

i hope you have a fabulous weekend with those you love, and i'll be seeing you on monday!

*what does your weekend look like?
i hope it it stress-free and fun! the heat hit us this week so i am thinking a splash pad would be new and exciting for the babe-ster! we shall see...

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