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i was on my family blog last night looking over some posts when i started getting distracted by the linkwithin boxes at the bottom(darn those things, they just suck ya right in! ha ha). i found all sorts of good memories and i also found some of my old fitness posts. the one i'm sharing today, i wrote back in 2010 and originally came from here.


Lately I've been getting questions -both from family and friends- as to what I do to stay in shape.  So I've used my little brain and decided to make a post out of it to share.  Plus, I will do even better at following my routine knowing it's up for all to see...

First, you've got to understand that I just love running. Plain and simple. I started running for myself back in the ninth grade and haven't stopped. I feel that this is kind of like my "staple" or the best way for me to keep the pounds off, ESPECIALLY around my waist.

 photo fit-girl-with-muscular-abs-black-shorts_zpsb506c181.jpg

Second, I also am kind of obsessed with working my abs.  This might sound crazy, but I remember starting my first ab routine when I was in sixth grade.  I would go into my parent's room because that's where my dad kept his weights...I guess looking at those got me "in the zone" and I would make myself stay in there for at least 30min. a day.

So mostly throughout highschool I did those two things: Ran and then lots of crunches.  Then came college and I VOWED to not gain the dreaded "freshman 15".  That's when I formed more of a workout schedule -  what I've been going off of ever sinse.  Here's a breakdown:

•I run 4.5 miles Tuesday,Thursday, and Saturday.
•Monday and Wednesday I will run 2 miles and then hit the gym and do weights and focus on my arms and legs.
•Friday and Sunday are my rest days.
»After running I always ALWAYS make sure to do crunches.

If I don't feel like going to the gym, but still want a workout, I bust out P90X.  By the way, I highly recommend this set of dvds. They are the bomb and kick trash. (Kenpo X, and Plyometrics are two of my favorites)
So that's the physical part, but the real key for me is food. I can totally tell when I eat too much and I HATE THAT FEELING! Yea. Who doesn't. So this is what I do:

Yep, a food log.  I keep it on the fridge so that I am reminded to write it down. Also, it makes me think twice before I eat a big bowl of ice cream or fudge brownie. 

whew. even reading that makes me a little tired. ha! ^^and what the heck was my food schedule like up there?cuz it doesn't look good. haha^^ so obviously it's been 3 years and i've had a baby. things change. body's change. but that doesn't mean they have to stay that way. i was probably in my best shape around this time, and re-reading this makes me want to try harder to get back to that body. all in good time, right? even though i am officially back at my pre-preggo weight (and probably weighed the exact same when i wrote this post 3 years ago) my body itself is not. it's crazy how muscle and tone make such a big difference.

for example, these freaking love handles. they just persist in staying here at my sides and i hate them so much! i never had a problem with these before Bronx. never. but alas, they are here and i need to work harder to lose them. they are most definitely the most hated part of my body right now. (and don't take that to mean that i hate my body-i love it!) i think working smarter, by being a little more diligent in getting up earlier to get in a full workout, adding a different variety of crunches in, and drinking lots more water will help. i've been slacking in those departments. doh.

in regards to my running addiction: since moving to Oregon my running has been scattered. i still do it, just not everyday like i have previous to being preggo. plain and simple? it just sucks to run in the rain. i seriously hate it. i was just talking last night to K about how much the weather affects my running "mood". i grew up in Idaho where the sky is always so blue and inviting. going running outside was my release. it was my de-stresser. but here where it rains 95% of the week....man, it's just not fun to come home from each run drenched and soaking. i told him: i'd much rather live somewhere cold and sunny, than somewhere lukewarm and grey. but Insanity has been doing good things for me lately, and i'm glad i can keep that up inside on those rainy, soggy days. :)

*What do you do to stay in shape? 

*Do you have a favorite workout vid? I would love to hear your ideas!


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