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my favorite yellow nail polish

i've tried a handful of different yellow nail polishes. nothing fancy or expensive (i didn't even try Essie, because of what i discovered, here). but none of the yellows i tried were any good. they were all too watered down, which required 3+ coats. or the yellow looked similar to a burnt brown. ha ha.

  photo IMG_5654_zps7ae32905.jpg 

however, i have found a keeper!

on my last grocery run i picked up this yellow on my way to the checkout and whaddu ya know. it works. i don't know how i missed it before because i love Sally Hansen. it's called mellow yellow, and i think it's perfect for spring. maybe it's a new spring color this year? i haven't checked. anyways, i painted my nails Sunday night and was so excited to find this yellow thick and pretty. one coat could have done it, but of course i did two, just because(...habit...). i just want to kiss it i love it so much!

here's the colors for these nails:

   photo IMG_5653_zps3332a82c.jpg

 photo IMG_5650_zpsdc5d677d.jpg

» sally hansen: hard as nails xtreme wear, mellow yellow
» pure ice: beware (haha i love that name. like beware of the shiny, glittery look?)
» sally hansen: hard as nails, crystal clear

this yellow will definitely be seen on my hand more this spring.

*do you have a favorite yellow polish you use? what brand?

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