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the plank idea

i don't know what has gotten into my husband lately, but i think it's something good. about a week ago he randomly suggested that we start doing planks before bed. "And we could do it together and make it a little competition...what do you think?" what do i think? i think that's an awesome idea! wait. are you just kidding me?
 photo 0907-plank_zpsda1d5b85.jpg
in order to better appreciate the significance of this comment, you need to understand my husband's history of working out. let me give some background:
he hates it. he was extremely active in sports growing up(any and every sport), and he lifted with sets in his room. he hates going to a gym or working out in public. if he does run, it's at night so no one sees him. and he rarely will go running with me. like, i can count all the times he's exercised with me on one hand. ha ha. so to have him suggest this idea was amazing to me. he has even started looking more in depth at buying us our own gym equipment for our garage. you guys, this is like a dream come true for me!! i would LOVE to have a home gym!! but now i'm starting to stray from the point. do you see how cool it was for him to have this idea?! very cool.

so each night we've been timing ourselves. i laugh every single time we start...and all the way through until i drop. i can't help myself-it's so fun to work out with my hubby, and even though this is one tiny way of doing it, it's still something. and that's a start.

we decided we wanted to track our progress, so i created a quick sheet to display our times:

(i actually need to modify it so that we can write the date in above each time...)
it hangs in our kitchen so that we can see it and have it as a reminder to "up our game" each night. haha...ah i love it. i love fitness activities! ha. aaannnnd do you see that i regressed up there? by a whole 20 seconds. daaaang. i don't know why i let myself fall, because i shouldn't have! our goal is to try and beat our previous night's record by 10 seconds. wish us luck!

*does your hubby/significant other like to work out with you?

*what fun activities do you guys do together to stay active?


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