sunday best: baby boy vest+tie

i don't know why it's taken me so long to post about this. it was so fun to make, and got my creative sewing juices flowing. i love creating and i love trying to make new things! (you're all like: duh audrey, we know!...thus the blog...)

 photo IMG_5341.jpg

since i got my sewing machine up and running, i have wanted to sew a little 'outfit" for B, but didn't want to go overboard. when i saw this vest and tie on this Etsy site, i decided to make my own.

 photo IMG_5340.jpg

i was so excited to be doing a new project, that i didn't stop to take pictures. in a nutshell:  i simply cut out my own template from paper(for the tie and vest), traced and cut the fabric with it, and sewed. i will say the sewing was slightly tricky because even though  i had it pinned-with all the turning and corners-i had a hard time keeping it in place. i will have to make another(or two) and show more of the deets.

of course i had him wear it to church that Sunday. here he is showing off his new gettup :)


  1. That's so adorable!! If I ever have another little boy I'm totally making one!

  2. I love this. Maybe love doesn't describe. I might try and get pregnant just to chance having a boy. Or maybe I'll just make one and wait... ahh seriously though. I love the fabric choices too. B is looking quite studly.


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