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valentine cards & hanging hearts

i was asked to help out with a YW activity last night, and of course it involved valentine cards! here are some of the ones i made to take and show:

   photo cfc8758a-0915-44ea-8978-f822cf323b89_zps2c2325ff.jpg

(i will be ecstatic when i own a DSLR and have a house with huge windows and LOTS of natural light..)
 photo IMG_5509_zps33ea0b0f.jpg
idea from here via pinterest

as you can see they are pretty clean and simple, perfect for a quick activity!

the supplies:

• cardstock
• embroidery floss (i also used some bakers twine, aka striped embroidery floss)
• 1" hearts (used my silhouette to have them pre-cute and ready to go!)
• scotch tape (to attatch the hearts to the string)
• washi tape
• sharpie
• scalloped scissors

i just punched a sharp pencil through the cardstock where i wanted to thread the string through:

i also had these scratch cards printed off, and the girls did these as well:

(these were done first, and they dried while making their other cards)
   photo IMG_5514_zps805050e6.jpg

 photo IMG_2812_zps261f0a3d.jpg

here's Jessica and i(and oh look-my infamous squinty eye smile!), she's actually my husband's cousin, and was the one that invited me! ps, she makes an AWESOME YW pres! i'm so happy she thought of me-i really had a blast hanging out with these girls last night!

isn't that card (above right) so creative?! i haven't seen someone make a friendship bracelet in forever, let alone make it a cute decoration for a card! and what a cute little envelope she made too!

 photo IMG_2809_zps8fbf188c.jpg

B did okay.
everyone was so helpful and he got held lots :)


as for hanging hearts, i thought our place could use some more "Valentine-y-ness" so i used my silhouette to cut these out a week ago:

i think they're pretty fun and give a little "whimsical" feel to the area.
Happy Valentine's Day everyone!!

*are you doing anything awesome today?
the mr. surprised me last night with pb cups(yuuumm) and a giant card! he works today :( so most likely we'll just have a nice dinner late tonight.

*who is YOUR valentine?
 i have 2: hubby and baby B


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