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steppin' up on fitness

we were hit with the nasty little bug that has been going around lately, and B got his first little fever. it broke my heart. that was mid-week, the week before last. so we have been taking it easy for about 2 weeks.

i really need to step up my game.

i woke up Monday morning feeling good and rested, but very very sluggish and flabby. man i hate that feeling. but it did get me up and going, and i realized that i felt good enough to actually exercise. yay! i decided to start Insanity again. if you have gone over to my family blog and read about my post preggo workouts you'll remember that i had finished Insanity, had restarted it, and was running every other day. but it's still kinda chilly outside here, so i'm just going to stick to doing Insanity inside. if we do get a nice day and get outside to run, then i'll count it as a bonus burn day. and of course by "we" i mean B and i  :)

here are the some of the foods(well lunches) i have been obsessed with lately:

left: my friend made me this delicious quesadilla stuffed with cucumbers, peppers, onion, and spinach. it was the best thing ever and i have been trying to duplicate it since. somehow it just never tastes the same-but i love making this for lunch! the side of strawberries and green grapes is awesome as well.
right: just a good 'ole salad-but with a little "oomph". yes those are pepperonis shredded on top, as well as cheese, mandarin oranges, and croutons.

 photo IMG_5530_zps31b13165.jpg

who doesn't love peanut butter? putting it on celery is my favorite snack right now-especially if i am craving something chocolaty. some other snacks i always have on hand are:

• yogurt
• almonds
• string cheese
• apples
• bananas


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