fun find friday: fairytale follies

hands down this is the most random thing i have bought off Amazon to date. but however weird it may seem, i wanted to share with you because i had this book when i was little and thought it was so fun to read/look at!

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Find the Stars for the Fabulous FairyTale Follies by Graham Philpot. longest title ever. it's similar to those Where's Waldo? books (which i loooove too!). in a nutshell, you try to find each fairy tale character that fits the given descriptions. obviously this isn't a baby book. i'd say ages 8+ would enjoy it. i don't know why i had the random urge to call my mom for the title one day and add it to my order, but i did. maybe it was just one of those "good memories" i want hanging around...? you'll also notice i didn't buy it brand new (for $11). instead i got it used and in "good" condition(for $4). that front cover is the worst of it-the inside pages are totally fine. no spills or tears or anything.

there are a zillion other awesome books i remember from my childhood that i want to buy so that B will be able to read someday. it's hard not to buy them all at once! (ha ha-don't worry hon, i won't)

*what's one of your favorite childhood books?
The Seven Silly Eaters by Mary Anne Hoberman is another favorite of mine!

*what's the weirdest thing you've order from Amazon? :)

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  1. Seven Silly Eaters - a favorite here, I love that story, our copy is definitely worn
    Shark in the Park is really fun for little kids
    My Little Sister Ate One Hare
    Paul Galdone's Books (little Red Riding Hood, Three Pigs)
    Animals Should Definitely Not Wear Clothing

    I'll stop now - I love kids' books


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