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skinny....jeans? uhhh..

oh yes i did. i drove myself on over to Target today with only ONE thing on my list that i really, really wanted needed to get (i'll tell you about that fun surprise later!). however, like you all know, Target is this great big hole of awesomeness, so you can't just stop in to "grab one thing"....ha ha! i happened to pass by these cute red jeans and decided to try them on.  i guess you could say they were calling my name. they are kind of a bright color, but i figured: go big-or bold, in this case-or go home.

(ah, don't you just love fuzzy phone pics?)

i had mixed feelings in the dressing room, and was debating back and forth with myself about them way to much. it was seriously ridiculous. so i sent a text to Lins(a sister-in-law) and my hubby.


so happy she said yes, because secretly i liked them too, and probably would have bought them anyways! they were on sale and that made them 10x more tempting to purchase. man this fad is really wearing on me, why am i always so behind?! (...oh yes, because i really hated them when i first saw them...hmm) on my way out i had to talk myself out of buying one in every color, and to just wait and see how much i really love them in a week or two :) it was hard to refrain, but i did.  i'm sure Kevin will thank me for that later.

and in case you needed to know what a bored baby looks like when you shop:

he was getting reeeeaaallly tired of me trying on clothes. ha ha, and decided that flipping around in his carseat was a whole lot funner than watching me make "goo-goo" faces at him.

*what was the first color of skinny's you bought? and where from?
mine=RED and TARGET!
*how do YOU feel about this fad?? be honest-it's ok, i don't judge!
i really did hate them when i saw they were coming out, but i think i hated them because i hated my own thighs, and because Kevin thinks they look silly on girls(or guys). but seeing how fun the pop of color is in outfits, makes me happy, and i'm already thinking of all the things i can wear to match these red jeans!


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