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call me lazy

..because that is most definitely what i was last week. i blame it on my son's cranky attitude, and the shots he got last Tuesday. i only exercised once..heheh. needless to say, my inner-fitness-guru (trust me, he's there-and if you listen closely-you have one too!) told me that it was time to get movin' and groovin' again.


for some reason i have to always brush my teeth before a workout. it makes me feel cleaner afterwords. weird, because i am just plain nasty sweaty afterwards, but whatev.

i sometimes also have to have a good look at my arms and convince them to join me in my workout. kinda give them a pep-talk, because Insanity kicks their trash the most i think! they are sore little wussies. i'm workin' on em :)


because i usually have 0 time during the day to get in a good post, i will update the night before. so these pics are really all from yesterday morning's workout. little B is so good while I stretch. and he laughs at me while i do Insanity. i love him.


while we were visiting my fam in Idaho, my brother (of all random people) showed me how to do these crazy push ups...on a yoga ball. they are intense and SO HARD! at least they were for me. it takes lots of core strength and balance, which obviously i have none of right now. of course when my brother showed me, i thought "psh. that's nothing. i have abs"...haha, well not enough to keep good balance! my sisters and i were trying and then my dad comes over to try and busts out like 20 without batting an eye. what the heck?! it was pretty funny. and i was jealous.

*so that is my challenge for you today: try doing 10 push ups on a big yoga ball. then let me know how it went! :)

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