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fun find friday: slim and sassy

have you heard of it? the Slim and Sassy Weight Loss Wrap by doTERRA?


a new found friend told me about it last week and i was shocked i hadn't heard of it earlier! i got on Facebook the next day and found out that i have a few friends who just ordered it! what?! geez. what rock do i live under?

In a nutshell, the creators of doTERRA use essential oils and blends to help your body detoxify, and in the case of the Slim and Sassy Weight Loss Wrap, take off a few inches.


whoa. that's pretty sweet. but i'm not sure i buy it completely. it seems too good to be true. i guess i have a hard time wrapping(haha-get it...) my head around the idea that anything besides regular exercise and eating right is going to help me lose inches(and yeah, even then there's still a healthy-weight that my body is going to want to stay at..). hmm. i do get that they don't guarantee a loss or anything, and that it doesn't get you "toned". another lady in my ward who was telling me about it, said she measured herself before and after when she did it, and she lost FOUR inches. so part of me really REALLY wants to buy it and try using it on my thighs. right. now. ha ha ha. i'm dead serious.

if any of you girls have actually used this or have some awesome insight to share, please add it in the comments! i'm really curious to know more! and i will definitely keep you posted as to if i buy some myself ;)


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