7pm is a good time to sew

except for not really, because there are more important things to be done like, cook dinner before the mr. gets home, or take Tank out(instead of making him wait in his kennel...), or have some more cuddle time with the babe. all of those reasons probably trump my sewing business, but since we were having leftovers last night, i went for it.


he even urged me on. ha ha ha.


(as you can see, i was actually working on some different projects too..)

i have been wanting to make a kind of cover for my sewing machine. it's just been sitting out on my desk here in the kitchen area, and i read somewhere that it should be stored away from light to help prevent dust and keep it running smoothly. well, i'm really starting to love that little machine, so i don't want to store it away, but i do want to have it covered when i'm not using it.


i went digging through my fabric box to see if there were any pieces big enough to cover the whole machine, but there wasn't (dangit), so i had to get a little more creative. i found and cut three pieces that i liked together, and then ironed them out.

i got this iron and ironing board as a bridal gift(so...about 5years ago..) and am finally putting them to good use now! ha ha. who knew they'd be so handy? :) oh, and obviously it's(the board) the kind that is supposed to be attached to a wall in your laundry room, but since i don't have that, i iron on the floor. it's what all the cool peeps do. trust me.


then i pinned away and started sewing. i got really excited right about now, because i was feeling so proud that i had figured out how to make a little cover all by myself...


...that feeling faded quickly when i realized that i had sewn the wrong sides together. out came the seam ripper. boo. it is really REALLY not fun to un-pick a whole 28'' row. i guess i should be happy it wasn't longer?...meh. i forgot to take a picture of the next step, which was sewing off the corners, but it wasn't as hard as i thought. and i'm sure you all already know how to do that :)


here's the little throw cover! i still need to finish the bottom edges, because i know they'll fray like crazy if i don't. i would like to add a cute trim to it, but don't know what will look good. ha ha-i don't know why sewing makes me so happy, but it does!


  1. ahh super cute fabric audrey. I love the whole thing!

  2. how cute!! i wish i knew how to sew.

    new follower :)


    1. I am insanely jealous of your NYC trip this weekend!


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