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electricity culprit

if you've kept up with my family blog, you'll recall that when we moved into this new condo, the washer and dryer were front-loading, and that i was very excited about them. since having Bronx, i have started doing laundry at night. he still wakes up at least once, so that's when i move it over.


our last electricity bill was outrageous. like seriously-are-you-kidding-me?! it was the highest it's ever been in our (almost) 5 years of marriage. i didn't understand how that was possible. we both thought about it, and went over what i do during the day normally, and there was no way it could be that high! i thought for sure we were being cheated somehow by the electric company.

the other day i decided (for whatever reason) to throw in some laundry during the day. so glad i did because i walked by it an hour later and did a double-take. the timer said: "99" as in 99 more minutes of drying time. no way. i distinctly remembered that it said "35" when i started it. what the heck?! i opened the door and found our clothes more than dry so i decided to start another batch and watch the washer closely this time. i set the timer for 56 minutes-the time the washer said the cycle would take. again, so glad i did because when my kitchen timer went off, the washer said it still had 8 minutes to go. it said 8 minutes for like, 10 more minutes too! how awesome, right? not.

so there's our electricity culprit. our freaking washer and dryer were trying to cheat us out. now i put our kitchen timer on every time i do laundry, and i do it during the day. i'm interested to see what our electric bill will be next month...

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