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fun find friday: bow rings

as i mentioned here, i am a little obsessed with bow rings right now. it all started from finding Kandee Johnson's amazing blog (see here). she is the cutest person ever i believe, and i love what she stands for and how she presents herself (to my rexburg peeps-doesn't she remind you of this cute girl?! every time i think MEGAN!! ha and i've texted her multiple times to tell her this). anyways, she wears these stinkin' fun bow rings, and i decided i should try to find some like it.

(the babe and i over Christmas shopping at good 'ole Costco)

i jumped on Etsy and searched "bow rings". which gave me a whole lot of hits, but since i didn't want fabric or metal, i tried "acrylic" or "plastic" bow rings. there were a lot of cute ones, some more expensive than others, and since i just wanted to try one out,  i chose a cheaper one from ParadiseRose. if you do go there just click on "cabochon rings" (found under "shop selections" on the left). they are $3. that's three dollars people (well...girls)! they are the freaking cutest little things to wear, and i get all happy when i look down and see it on my hand! haha. i'm totally serious too. the one i'm wearing above is slightly larger than all the others-just in case you were wondering.

so that's it. my fun find for today. hopefully i'll find other cool things i love to share with you!
(ha-and hopefully you'll love 'em too!)

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