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my morning with toothbrushes

because we only have one shower in this condo, we both use that bathroom for everything(even though we have a master bathroom with more space-it never gets used...it's so stupid, i know). so the bathroom with the shower is much smaller. we've always put our toothbrushes in a drawer, but because of limited drawer space, we decided to keep them up top in a cup, like so:


i have never been a fan of this because i feel nasty germs float around our toothbrushes all day long...

so the other day after the hubs left for work, i pulled out the big guns (okay okay, just a glue gun) and started googling ways of storing toothbrushes. i decided i wanted to hang them in the medicine cabinet and keep them out of site. looking around, i found a travel toothbrush holder(they are .99 @Walmart) and decided that would work perfectly to hold em.

perfect! it's been about a week and they've held up nicely. so glad they're off the counter.

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