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What's in my Makeup Bag?

*originally posted here on my family blog...definitely fits over here better :) *

First off,
I must give warning and let you know that I am no beauty professional,
and I sure don't use any fancy shmancy products.
Sorry to disappoint if that's why you're here :)
I'm pretty plain-jane.
And obviously suuuuper old school/behind the times,
considering that I just barely updated from my hard-shelled Caboodles case to a new-styled bag(...but still Caboodles...ha).


Let's take a peeksie...

I didn't number these top flap items because I think they're pretty self explanatory.
Moving on...

This is my best zit-zapping friend. And trust me, I know zits. I would bawl and bawl about them in middle school and high school and make my mom take me to the dermatologist multiple times to try and find that one "magic potion" that would make them all disappear. Too bad I didn't realize that I just had to wait for the sea of raging hormones [to ebb] (name that movie)...The secret here is that it(Terminator10) contains 10% micro-benzoyl peroxide. Yeah that may seem a little too harsh for some, but it does the job for me. If you have super sensitive skin I'd probably recommend not using it every night(the back instructions will tell you this too), but for someone like me who basically burned my face(k, not literally, it would just get suuuper red) with chemicals for years trying to make them go away, it's fine... After I wash my face each night, I put a thin layer of this on. I am religious about using this(as well as face-washing before bed). I will not skip a night even if I'm camping. Ha ha. I buy it from Walmart usually, and if I see that they're out, I will grab Clean and Clear's persa-gel 10:
(same thing, different packaging/branding. and it still has 10% benzoyl-peroxide)

2. Your standard black brush (i got mine from Walmart a loooong time ago).

3. Vaseline
This is good stuff you guys. Especially for taking off mascara. I might not wear foundation, but I sure as heck wear mascara. And because I do, I want to be careful with my eyelashes when taking it off. That's where good 'ole Vaseline comes in handy. I put a little Vaseline on my index and thumb and put a nice layer of goop over my eyelashes. Then I let it sit for maybe three minutes or less-just letting it sink in and really soften that mascara. I then take a WARM to HOT wash cloth and carefully/slowly wipe it all away. Works like a charm. And my eyelashes are thankful that they haven't been harshly scrubbed out or frozen off. This is another thing I've been doing forever-or at least since I began wearing mascara. My mom taught me this trick ;)

4. Summer Eclipse Bronzing & Shimmery Face Powder-Moonlight3104

I love this stuff! I don't wear it a ton-mostly when going to church or on date with the hubs, you know, all those I'm-going-to-be-seen-in-public moments. This is kind of like my foundation/blush?...kind of. But it doesn't go all over my face like foundation would, it just gives it that healthy glow/look everyone wants. I brush some on my forehead, and cheekbones, and put a teeny bit on my nose. I've been using this for five years now, and the best thing I've noticed is that it doesn't make me break out. Boo-yeah!

5. A basic Goodie claw that I use when sectioning off my hair to style it.

6. Q-tips
Used for everything from ears to wiping off excess mascara around my eyes. I never travel without these bad boys!

7. NYC-Union Square 818A
Am I boring you with how non-exciting my makeup items are? Well, it's going to get a whole lot more boring. When it comes to eyeshadow, like everything else face-related, I stick to my neutrals. I just cannot break out and try colors. I don't believe they were made for me.  ha ha.

8. Scope Mouthwash in Original Mint
Travel size. No one likes bad breath.

9. Dental Floss Threaders
These are nice and handy, especially when you have a permanent bottom retainer, like me.

10. Floss
...need I say more?

11. Another basic Goodie claw that I use to section off my hair while styling.

12. Back Comb
Where has this been all my life?! ha ha. We all know I love me some hair volume. If you can believe it, I've even toned it down since high school. HA. But Kevin still says it's too much...oh well. I feel I look ugg without any! I've had this comb for about a month(i know, again, so behind the times-all you beauty school girls are probably shaking your heads at me) and I got it at Sally's for about $3. It makes teasing my hair lots faster, so I looooove it!

13. Artificial Tears
Sometimes my contacts and eyes get dried out so I use this.

14. Just a basic comb I've had forever-again, got it at Walmart. I don't use this one a ton anymore tho-sometimes to part my hair..

15. Neosporin
Sometimes when I get hangnails I'll put it on all my cuticles and in the morning-woola! no more red and soreness. Like the floss threaders, this is just good to have on hand.

16. Maybelline Mascara-Full N' Soft, very black(J300)
Okay, I've said it before, and I'll say it again: If there is one thing I don't leave the house without, it's mascara! Nope I have never used Latisse or done eyelash extentions or used falsies (although the previous two have sounded appealing before). I stick to my tried and true mascara. This one, Full N' Soft, is actually the one I use second, to fill in my lashes and make them look thick.

17. Maybelline mascara-the Colossal Volum' Express, classic black(J503)
I used to use their line called Illegal Lengths, and it was a sad day for me when that got discontinued, but this Colossal Volum' Express works the same and does a great job at extending my lashes. So this is what I put on first, then the Full N' Soft. I'll then take that pin (hanging in the top flap picture) and separate them if they clump. Usually I will go two, sometimes three days(rarely), without taking it off. Ahhhhhh and I can't stress enough how much the vaseline and warm water helps to easily remove mascara! Your eyelashes are precious girls. DON'T scrub them off! (ps-i hate waterproof mascara and only wear it to swim, and i have never worn eye-liner. i feel that less is more in my case and simply don't want to add another beauty item to my bag, when i don't feel i need it. but it looks amazing on most everyone! )

18. Almay Clear Complexion Concealer, light/medium(200)
This, my friends, is what I use as my "foundation". Yes, I know it's a concealer-something that is supposed to go under your foundation to cover-up those unpleasant red marks better. But I have oily skin and HATE foundation (something you wouldn't believe if you saw my little high school self) and so I simply use this around my nose a little, under my eyes, and then on a zit or two if I'm breaking out. It's the bomb.

That's it for my bag,
but here are two more items that are my faves:

LEFT: Clean & Clear Continuous Control Acne Cleanser(it also contains 10% benzoyl peroxide). This is my facewash/makeup remover. I use it twice a day-once every morning(usually when I'm taking my shower), and once again at night before bed to remove my makeup. I cannot stand going to bed with makeup on(mascara obviously doesn't bother me one bit). This is another thing my mom taught me. A clean face is a healthy face. Washing it at night (with warm water) opens your pores and lets them breath from all the junk we girls can cake on! This is also ideal for when I apply my acne cream.

RIGHT: Fake Bake Airbrush Instant Self-Tan. This is a fun subject for me. ha ha ha. If you've met me within the past five years then you have known the "tan" Audrey. But there used to be a "pasty-ghost-white-translucent" Audrey. I know, hard to imagine. Long story short: I started tanning when I met Kevin, loved it, did it too much (you could say I was addicted-Kevin likes to), looked super fake(ha!), and then got pregnant and stopped. I honestly didn't even think about tanning while pregnant. I believe the whole excitement of my very first baby was too overwhelming :) ...you know? Anyways, a few months ago(after Bronx was born) I wanted to start again because I felt ugg being white and because I still had lots of baby fat. I feel that my skin looks a little less "fat" when tan, and I wanted some good vitamin D!....buuuuut I didn't want the side effects like wrinkly leather skin. We've all heard people say "she's 30 and looks like she's 50!" and Kevin had started telling me that he didn't want me to look that way in a few years. Yikes! Neither did I. HOWEVER-and this is a big however-I was NOT going to use a tanning lotion. My freshman year of college I used the Jergens Natural Glow....and it turned ugly fast. It was the worst peely, streeky, crap ever! So I just kind of gave up and was about to give into my white side, when I came across this post by the Barefoot Blonde. I was hopeful (but more doubtful) and bought myself a bottle to try and see how "awesome" it really was....
Aaaannnnd we have a winner!
Like Amber says: NO streaks and NO orange!
This stuff rocks. I also love that it doesn't stink and I see exactly where it's going. It gives me just enough color to not make me whitey-white-white. Another plus? I don't get wrinkles. It lasts about 5 days and is dang cheaper than a tanning salon! Kevin's pretty happy about that :)
(click HERE to learn more about it)
*update: I should note here, that I work out a lot, and sweat a lot. This spray doesn't come off when I do! It doesn't feel heavy or thick on my skin-I don't even notice it after it dries! (and it dries nice and fast!)
Also, I haven't Breastfed Bronx since about month 2. I would advise moms that do, to just not apply the spray that far down...you know, where that sweet little baby goes. If you do, you might end up with something like this:
ha ha ha!
(my sis-in-law Lins texted me this pic and i couldn't stop laughing!)

This is the other little bag I have.
It fits inside the bigger one for when I travel,
and I just keep my liplgosses/chapsticks and safety pins inside(you never know when you might need one!).
I have never worn lipstick,
and I know that may sound silly especially now that I'm a mom (that's what i feel like moms do-wear lipstick),
but I just can't get myself to wear it or buy it!


Hopefully you are not bored out of your mind!
I have a few items left to share,
and they are found in my medicine cabinet.
(i won't include individual pics here because you can see it all well in the above pic)

1. Irish Spring deodorant. I must admit I wear men's deodorant. That is my deep dark secret. I honestly just love the smell.
2. Freeze It Hairspray, Mega Freeze. Oh this stuff is the bomb. I have thin hair (another BIG reason I tease it-to make it look "fuller") and this hairspray helps keep all that teasing in place. I always have extras of this on hand.
3. Dove dry shampoo. I've posted about this before, using Beyond the Zone's Rock On brand. I honestly like both. I was at Walmart getting hairspray one time and saw the Dove brand and decided to get it. It's much cheaper and does the job just fine.

Everyone has their own "scents" that they love and here are mine right now:
4. Pure Seduction body spray by Victoria Secret.
5. Mango Temptation by Victoria Secret. I got this a couple summers ago-pretty sure it's not in their main line.
6. Revert Eco by Rue21.
7. Pink Ice by Rue21.

That's it.
You've probably found out more than you care to know about me,
but hopefully you found something that you like and want to try from reading!


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