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no lie; i sewed a bowtie


and i actually sewed TWO of them. all while the hubs watched his recorded football games and the babe slept. you guys. i am sooooo not a sewer seamstress. and i was a little freaked out when i realized that i actually had to thread the bobbin by myself.

my mom taught me how to do some basic sewing stuff when i was 10(i think?mom do you remember?) and i took a basic home ec. class in the eighth grade where i learned some more of these basics, sewed a bunny rabbit and rag pillow case...and forgot it all. out came the owner's manual. luckily i survived the winding-of-the-bobbin process. ha. and please excuse my nails up there-sick! i actually painted them right after this (hello, church was the next day!) and will show you that coolness later. like tomorrow :)


i was so proud i texted my mom at 11pm just to show her how accomplished i am. ha ha. and then i got daring and did ANOTHER!

and yes i was too lazy to wind another bobbin. so teal thread it was. isn't the chevron fun? so the whole reason i even got the idea to try making Bronx some ties was from this little outfit i got him for Christmas. i got it from a cute etsy site and now i am kicking myself for buying it when i see i can make it myself....for free! don't tell my hubby, he might get grumpy. ha ha. (jk babe if you even read over here)

the next project on my agenda? suspenders.

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