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Chevron Nails:gold on black

These nails were inspired from this post by Kandee Johnson. She's seriously the cutest and greatest. Go check her out! 

So I have an obsession with nail polish and glitter and all things girly. After reading that post I wanted to do the same to my nails. I didn't have the exact colors as hers, but they were close:

Orly "LAB4402"(i'm sorry! the sticker fell off!) and "Goth"

I started out trying to get the same effect of that pretty gold falling down her black nails, but my gold was too thick, and definitely didn't give me that desired "snowing" look...


Dangit. Luckily I remembered seeing a tutorial on Pinterest (oh, you good 'ole Pinterest, you) where scotch tape was used to create a cool design. So I tried it.


I threw the tape on (TIP: i recommend doing tape on just ONE hand first, then letting it dry and then move the tape to your other hand-saves messes and you don't have to tear off a billion tape pieces..) and finished painting.


Much better than what I first had going on, right? Right. This was the first time using tape and won't be the last! ha ha I really liked how these turned out. Can't wait to try different colors and patterns like this and this!

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