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My Valentine Chalkboard

Some of you have seen(via my Instagram) that I have a big 'ole chalkboard in my kitchen (about 15"x51"). When we moved back into our townhome last year, I decided I wanted one. So I made one myself, to fit where I wanted it to go. I have absolutely loved having this space to update as the seasons and holidays change. And today I wanted to share with you my February (or Valentine's Day) chalkboard!

I always browse Pinterest for ideas and since this quote has been popping into my head lately, it only seemed fitting. My parents used to sing this to me before bed when I was little. Anyone else had it sung to them?! It's such a charming - and lately, popular - phrase to use.

Pinterest pin | Main Source

Since my chalkboard is a unique size, I needed to tweak the lettering. So I sketched away.

I erased my old design (another modified Lily&Val piece, see the whole thing here) with a simple paper towel. Sometimes I get it wet, sometimes I don't.

After cleaning my board and making sure it was good to go, I marked and sectioned off the board with a pencil. This helps me to watch my progress.

TIP: if the previous design shows up too much still/the chalk pen doesn't erase good, I will simply paint over it...no big deal. i'm weird that way. This time I didn't have to, but last time I did.

Then I started sketching out my design, in pencil, on the chalkboard.

Then came the fun part...actually using my chalk pen (i use this one) to go over my pencil marks! It's so satisfying to see a sketch come to life in my own home.

And there you have it. If you look close back at my original sketch (on the paper up top), you'll see I had to add in another line ("{a bushel + a peck}" to help fill space, as well as adding hearts at the bottom instead of an arrow. And also, if you happened to look at my December chalkboard post, here, I just have to say...yes, we totally painted our kitchen cabinets white, and updated to new floors (the old ones were killing us, and we were sooo happy to see them go)! It is CRAZY how much better it looks in here now. We love it!!

See how I made my kitchen chalkboard HERE!

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