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DIY mermaid waves and speckled phone cases

I don't know what it is about creating things that makes me so...happy. I guess I feel I have purpose and I feel accomplished when I see what I've made or designed with my hands. It's fun to me. And I'm all about making things cuter. My husband surprised me with a new phone for Christmas, and of course I was excited to get some new cases for it. I ordered some cheap ones off of Aliexpress (ever heard of the site?), but when they came, I didn't love how they looked in person. I wasn't upset and instead got to work on making them look better.

File Feb 13, 12 09 33 PM

So I first soaked the cases in Goof Off, which helped get the old covers off. Then I started spray painting.

Pretty simple and strightforward. After the cases dried, I took them inside and painted the designs I wanted on them. Just with acrylic paint from Walmart and Hobby Lobby (i had laying around).

I realize I'm slightly addicted to making phone cases (see my windowpane case here or check out this phone case i made with fabric here!), and I'm okay with that...although my husband thinks it's ridiculous and crazy. hah!...but just look how cute they turned out! I'm kinda obsessed with mermaid waves lately, and i've always loved the speckled/uneven polka dot look.

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