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DIY Kid Room Alphabet Wall

I've got to start off by saying that my kids share a room. We don't have a ton of space right now (we live in a 1250sqft townhome), but I wanted to make their room a little cuter/give it some more personality or whatnot. What I'm saying, is that if I can pull this off, you can too!

I had been eyeing some cute alphabet walls on Pinterest, and decided that that's what I wanted to put in the kids's room. I started by gathering letters each time I would go to Walmart. I didn't buy them all at once because I think (well, no. i KNOW) my husband would have freaked. hah. So slowly but surely I collected letters.

Then I sketched out a rough template of how I wanted the wall to look, and marked what colors to use. I decided to use the same Ocean Mist spray paint by Rust-Oleum that I had used on Tinley's kitchen for the base, and added white and gold accents because I wanted a "color-block" effect. I started spray painting these letters in my carport, back before I had Phoenix, so the weather was warmer and not so terribly cold! It's freezing now (literally like everyday), and there's no way I'd want to be doing this project now. ha ha

Starting to hang them all up...
It's going to sound way ghetto, but right now they are all just hung up with masking tape! I was nervous I wouldn't like the set up, so I used that. BUT now that it's all done, I'm happy with the end result, and will be adding a more permanent/stronger adhesive to the backs. Probably will use this heavy duty mounting tape because I have some on hand. It's great stuff.

Bronx and Tinley love it and I'm so happy because they already seem way more interested in knowing what each letter is and what sounds they make! yay! (They both can sing the alphabet song, but it's not perfect!)

Also, I was nervous for having them down so low. You know-because kids love to attack walls and such. But so far it's been up all month and hasn't been touched. By my own kids or their friends. It might have to do with the fact that this wall is partly hidden by the door that is usually always open...but that's something to consider if you are wanting to try doing this to one of your own rooms!

I always have a thousand ideas for decorating projects in my head, and for their room i'd also like to add: wall book shelves, a growth ruler, some big canvas prints, and a large wall art quote!

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