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As You Are: Self Love and Self Worth

Just got called to be on the Relief Society Activity's board, and I'm so excited cuz I've never had this calling before! It's so fun to see how each stretches me to learn and grow in different ways. I love it. I will never get tired of learning new things and wanting to become better! Anyways, for an upcoming activity, I volunteered to create a printable/handout for each of the women.  The theme is centered around love (because...FEBRUARY!...gah! is right around the corner!). I was looking around for some self worth/self love inspiration, and found a quote by Neil F. Marriott that I thought was perfect.

We as women tend to compare compare compare. Clothes, shoes, homes, cars, body parts....anything and everything. It's NOT healthy and has GOT to stop! It doesn't help that in our day and age, social media-while super awesome and used for so much good-can be such a driving factor towards these negative thoughts. Am I right?! I know I'm totally guilty of letting it "control" my day. In fact, I got so tired of this one day that I checked myself last week and thought: Why in the freak am I even following this account/person?! I let jealousy creep in, doubt creep in, and I don't feel happy. I get down on myself when I see these posts....so I unfollowed a lot of accounts that day.  This obviously doesn't just apply to social media. If something in your life is causing you extreme stress or creating negative thoughts-ditch it! Throw it out and cleanse!
"He takes us as we are and makes us more than we ever imagined."
I truly believe that when it all comes down to it, only His opinion matters. And I know He can help each of us become magnificent mothers, daughters, friends, grandmas, aunts...

I want these women and YOU to place this print in a spot you see every day. I firmly believe in the power of positivity. Seeing a simple reminder in the form of a cute, uplifting quote can brighten anyone's day! Place it on your dresser, your mirror, your fridge, even gift it to a friend. And remember that it's TRUE!

Download below:

As We Are 8x10 Print
As We Are 8.5x11 Prints (4 on a page-perfect for handouts!)

note: i had SO so much fun painting and designing this print, and the handwriting is also my own. i hope to be able to create more personal watercolor pieces like this for you!

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