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My DIY Kitchen Chalkboard

I finally did it. I made my own chalkboard for my kitchen. And I love it. Here's what I did:

• I first painted most of the wood, the color that matched our walls (Revere Pewter). No sanding or priming or anything.
• Then I taped off the main size I wanted the chalkboard to be (13"x51").
• I then used Rust-Oleum Chalkboard Paint (i think i just picked mine up from Walmart or had it on hand already. HERE it is on Amazon as well) and painted the chalkboard area (don't have a picture of this, i'm sorry you guys!)

• I went to Home Depot and bought boards that were 3.25" wide, and 1/2" deep.  and I had them cut there in the store, to the right sizes (i cut 2 boards to be 51" long, and 2 boards to be a little under 19.5" long).
• At home, I painted the boards and let them dry completely
• I then used Loctite (exact stuff i used HERE), and glued the boards onto the paint. no nails. I held the boards in place for a few minutes and pressed firmly for it to stay and attach nicely. (tip: be sure you look and make sure the boards you are buying are flat and straight! no good if you have crooked boards to begin with)
• let them dry overnight

mas diychalkboard1

mas diychalkboard2

Here's what it looked like when I finished...late late at night! So nuts how lighting changes the way things look (like paint!). Also, not that you care or anything, but K said we can get new flooring and he's letting me paint our kitchen ALL WHITE. I am freaking out over here because I'm SO. EXCITED. all caps excited. haha happy day!...do you think it's pressing my luck if i ask for new counters and backsplash too?? (insert sheepish emoji here)

And here is my very first design on my chalkboard:

mas diychalkboard3

blog design: Tika Davis

I don't even remember how I came across or found Tika on Instagram, but I know that ever since, I have been in love with her! Her style, her colors, her freaking adorable baby girl. Everything she shoots is captured so sweetly and perfectly. When she reached out to me for a blog design, I was completely giddy with excitement and couldn't wait to get started designing for her! Below you'll find her moodboard and some design elements:

For a better look, go check out her blog HERE! One thing that makes a huuuuge difference for anyone in this blogging world, is having a mobile site. That's just a must nowadays. Learning and coding for that has been a good learning experience for me! So we definitely made Tika's blog mobile. Go check it out on all your devices :)


Heaven In Our Home Printable

The first time I remember dealing with death, or really being affected by it, was when I was nine years old. My parents gathered us around before scripture and prayer one night, and told us that one of my Great Grandparents had passed away. I remember crying and feeling confused as to why I was so sad. I knew that my Great Grandpa was in Heaven. Without a doubt. I remember thinking that week that I never wanted to grow up.

Now that I am a little older, and have lived a little more, I've experienced seeing friends and family lose close loved ones. Sisters, moms, dads, husbands, children. It always hurts and I never know how to help the best I can. Thanks to sweet friends like Ashley, who help motivate me to design with intent, I *created two printables to share with anyone in your life who is going through something tragic such as this. Sometimes there are just no words, and to give a thoughtful quote means more than you will ever know.

You can find these printables I designed, over here on Ashley's blog, where she shares special moments about her little Preslee. Here is her latest post with the free printables.

heaven-in-our-home heaven-in-our-home-v2

*the first one (white lettering with the pale pink background) i hand-lettered myself, and the second i designed by using Angiemakes adorable font "Dahlia Darling" that I bought from this pack.  The adorable flowers are from AmandaIlkov's Etsy shop, and the exact listing is found here.