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Heaven In Our Home Printable

The first time I remember dealing with death, or really being affected by it, was when I was nine years old. My parents gathered us around before scripture and prayer one night, and told us that one of my Great Grandparents had passed away. I remember crying and feeling confused as to why I was so sad. I knew that my Great Grandpa was in Heaven. Without a doubt. I remember thinking that week that I never wanted to grow up.

Now that I am a little older, and have lived a little more, I've experienced seeing friends and family lose close loved ones. Sisters, moms, dads, husbands, children. It always hurts and I never know how to help the best I can. Thanks to sweet friends like Ashley, who help motivate me to design with intent, I *created two printables to share with anyone in your life who is going through something tragic such as this. Sometimes there are just no words, and to give a thoughtful quote means more than you will ever know.

You can find these printables I designed, over here on Ashley's blog, where she shares special moments about her little Preslee. Here is her latest post with the free printables.

heaven-in-our-home heaven-in-our-home-v2

*the first one (white lettering with the pale pink background) i hand-lettered myself, and the second i designed by using Angiemakes adorable font "Dahlia Darling" that I bought from this pack.  The adorable flowers are from AmandaIlkov's Etsy shop, and the exact listing is found here.

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