let yourself rest

fall is on the mind lately, just like it is on everyone's, right?

after my race on the 31st, i made myself take a "breather" week. no hard workouts, no planning appointments, or stressing about going anywhere. just hanging at home with the littles, and baking a treat or two. it was so good for my soul you guys! when i scrolled through Pinterest the other evening and saw this quote i was all "YES! amen to that." ...and then i had to go throw it into Photoshop and create a little collage to share because really, we all need this reminder. i think everyone should allow themselves a break, especially in this generation where everything is so publicly shared, and a lot of phrases like "hussle" "get it girl" and "bosslady" are flung around.

find that big comfy sweater, throw up your hair, light some yummy-scented candles, and you snuggle under that blanket (and maybe give those special babies extra hugs and kisses)! Let yourself rest. i feel 100% better mentally, spiritually, and physically. and i'm ready to take on this week's projects with a fresh outlook and attitude!


  1. Yes! Here's to resting when it is needed so you CAN be a "bosslady" or whatever all of the other times!

    1. YES! wow you said that way better in one sentence than i did in my post...haha!


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