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blog design: the Romriell's

over the summer (or actually now that i think about it, maybe it was this spring?), i had the chance to work with Brooke to redesign her family blog. i was so excited to make it responsive, and was swooning over all her thoughts and ideas for this online space. we wanted it to be slightly more chic and feminine (she's the only girl surrounded by 4 boys!), and so out came the gold and pink. the fun heart pattern doesn't hurt either. am i right? you'll also notice that it looks more like a blogsite would, verses just a typical blog....which is what we were going for. 

working with clients/friends/family helps push me to be better creatively, and without fail i always end up learning more than i expected. it makes me so happy to be able to look at a blog design i finished and say (or rather, think): "YES! i totally did that..figured it out..and nailed it!".

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