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June desktop wallpaper freebie

May might have gotten away from me. one thing i promised myself when i created this design blog and branched out from my family blog/journal, was that i still wanted to keep blogging fun. i didn't want it to feel like a chore or something that i had to do. i didn't want it to take over my life. and even though it's not regular by any means, i still love this space of mine. i'm glad i've kept that promise to myself, and it always makes me happy to see you guys here, putting up with my sporadic posting and all!

but enough with that. the real news here is that i have a June calendar for your desktop, and a 5x7 printable (in case you're into that kind of thing)! 

and-although it probs won't excite you like it did me-these are my VERY FIRST watercolor flowers. done in Photoshop. so they can (hopefully!) only get better from here, right?! these things are hard people! i have become slightly obsessed with them lately (but seriously, who isn't?) and they were way fun to try! and last night i loved listening to the new "Home" soundtrack while i created them (cute movie, not my fave....but i did like the music...in case you wanted to know). 

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