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a few workouts i am loving right now + who inspires me

i did it you guys! i ran my first half marathon and lived! it was so fun and i didn't feel like i stressed myself out or pushed myself to some crazy extreme level. so yes, i loved it....okay except for mile 11 when i could feel myself slowing down a little, and i was mad to see peeps passing me...oh, and my legs might have started to feel a little like lead. hah! but i'm already signed up for my next one in September (can't wait!).

finishing time: 01:51:22
min/mi: 8:31

one of the highlights of this past run, besides being able to run it with a sis-in-law and friends, was having my family there cheering me on that last half mile. total boost of happiness when i saw Bronx and Tinley yelling and waving their little arms at me (awe!!). another highlight? being able to see and meet Aunie! that girl is ridiculously fast. and so sweet! already regretting i didn't ask to take a pic with her and her cuteness :)

so what now? i have always had a strong desire to workout and (try my best to!) stay fit. i'll thank my health-conscious mom and regular runner dad for that. because i've been running a lot lately, i definitely want to switch things up and not just focus solely on running right now. in the past i've done P90x (but it's been like, 7 years!), and i'm a big fan of Insanity (lost almost all my baby weight doing that after both kids). but i've been looking around for something else. my husband and i aren't big fans of going to a gym (which is for totally personal reasons-if you go then i think that's super!).  i fell in love with weightlifting my freshman year of college, and know the awesome benefits that can give me...but until we have more space to create our own at-home gym, i'm kinda left with....not a lot. hah!

thanks to Instagram, over the past few months i've been noticing/seeing/hearing more and more about a program called BBG.

i looked into it and learned more about Kayla Itsines and this Bikini Body Guide she had created. i was sold and started it Monday. you guys! there is something to be said about following a well-structured workout regime, versus me just scrolling through Pinterest and finally trying out some random exercises....i just get sucked into looking at all those pretty images on my screen that i don't want to work out anymore! does that happen to you too?! it is SO doable. 30-45 minutes? yes. plus i can still fit some good solid runs into this new schedule.

speaking of Instagram and Pinterest, or rather social media in general, i am LOVING all of the articles and advice/help/tips that i've been coming across, and want to share some of them with you! in no particular order, these girls rock it in the fitness world and inspire me to become better every day:

..............long time girlfriend. her passion this past year for fitness has been so incredible to watch! i wish we lived close again so we could run together (and camp and 4wheel and you know, have our girl nights back)!

..............i always love reading her Fit Friday posts, and especially loved her thoughts here and here. Karina stumbled upon my family blog back in 2012 when we were both starting out with our very first pregnancies. and i'm SO glad she did! and want to hear something crazy awesome? her little brother is marrying my cousin this summer, and we will get to meet for the first time face to face! totally looking forward to that!

..............can't even remember how i found her blog, but i think this was the first post i ever read. besides seeing her amazing transformation, i love that she posts great workouts for us moms who can't always make it to a gym! i love how down to earth she is. no blogging fluff over here. and...i'll say it again...REAL people!

..............besides the obvious and her being like the cutest momma ever, and a terrific graphic designer, she's my cousin. and word on the street is that she is going to have the coolest tshirt shop coming our way! i love seeing all of her cute and witty motivational designs in my feed!

..............this girl completed BMT training and is an American Airman. like, holy smokes! i loved following her journey through that. she was also one of the first i saw that was using the hashtag BBG that made me look into the program more! her bowls of oats make my mouth water every. freaking. day.

..............i think it's a secret dream of mine to run into her out on a morning run down here in Utah. hah! (but seriously, how cool would that be??) her love for Cafe Rio and all of her Tuesday tangents make me smile, and of course i love every running tip she gives!

..............new fan of hers and her insta feed! this post of hers is my fave, because hello, working out at home is bomb, and just works for me. i can totally relate to it all!

*who inspires you?

*what motivates you to get your bum moving?

*more fitness posts found HERE

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