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nail art: polkadots + some sparkle

my nails from the weekend. i did them Saturday before heading out to our ward Christmas party (which was a hit by the way-and went SO much better than i could have hoped for!...i was stressing forever about it, because i was in charge of decorating...)! but back to the nails. i wanted polkadots for festive fun, and sparkle for a little bit more glam.

the colors:
• salon perfect: silver sparkler (#603)
• pure ice: beware (i used 2 thin coats of this to cover the bottom of the nail, then put the "silver sparkler" on top because it had the large chunky glitter i liked)
• new york color: french white tip (#134)
• new york color: sidewalkers (#270)
• new york color: extra shiny top coat (#271)

for the dots: i cut off one end of a Q-tip, smoothed it down a little with a nail file, and dipped it into the "sidewalkers" polish.

what's a photoshoot without a cute babe tongue hangin' out right? haha. i finished taking pics of these nails, just in time to have little miss T climbing up on me. she is climbing up to errrrrything and can even stand for a few seconds by herself already! i am NOT ready for this! sheesh girly (she's 8 months-almost 9).

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