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game day style: Denver Broncos

we are nearing the end of football season, and are only a few games away from the playoffs. if you're like me and have a husband who's a football fanatic (yes, he does do fantasy football), then you might not see a lot of your man on Sunday's...or any time there's a game on. OR maybe you are a pretty terrific wife and watch the games with him. to that i say good for you! i'm not gonna lie: i can sit and watch a quarter or two but tend to get bored easily. don't get me wrong! i love sports, and watching them, i just prefer to do it live. you know?

we are Bronco fans (like i'm sure you already know from this post earlier this week), and by "we" i mean my husband of course. i am a fan by marriage-which is cool too-and means i get to hear details and facts about the players, or plays, or coaches, of whatever game is on. i will say that i have always loved Payton Manning because of his ethics and mad quarterback skills. shopping for game day outfits is definitely more my thing any day over football, so of course I would jump at the chance to style an NFL jersey! when I saw the white Manning jersey (found here) i was pretty stoked.

i've never been to a live NFL game (and can only imagine how insanely awesome it would be!) but here are my style pics for if i were to go to a game this winter:

1 / 2 / 3 / 4 / 5 / 6 / 7 / 8

my favorite pieces? 1. the jersey, because Kevin is always saying i need to get one, and how cute he thinks i'd look in one (awe, who says the romance dies after marriage? hah!). 2. the combat boots, because hello, don't they just look sweet? plus comfy. that's a huge factor. 3. the orange skinny jeans. yeah orange can be a scary color to style, but here i think it works nicely with the white jersey and coat. and 4. the nail polish...which is a given if you know me.

*what NFL fan are you?

*check out how i would do my nails for a Broncos game here!

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