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why yes i do have pet peeves

even though yesterday wasn't the biggest of holidays, i hope you had a fun one. or at least a better one than we did. 

our St. Patrick's Day consisted of lots of movies, tissues, and warm baths. and actually that's what it's been like over here since Saturday afternoon, when this little dude suddenly caught the wicked cough and runny nose. poor thing. i hate it. he's been wanting to go outside so bad (and we usually do for walks), but i won't let him because it's been cold and super windy lately. i'm talking like Rexburg wind people (for you East-Idahoan's...you know exactly what i mean!)! it's ridiculous. so i've had lots of cuddle time, and along with that came some good thinking time, as well as some blah time. in one of those "blah" moments i created a list on my phone and titled it "peeves". this is what i came up with:

when Pinterest pins don't have correct links. oh my heck. please tell me this bugs you too! i absolutely hate finding the perfect ______ (insert whatever you have been searching for/in need of forever), and i go to click on the picture...only to be thrown into a web jpg, or some random site that has nothing to do with the image. arrrrgh! if only peeps would take 2 seconds and link their images accordingly/correctly. sometimes i get so frustrated that i try to google and find the true source myself, just so that i can link it to my pin correctly. ocd? maybe. but it's helpful, right?!

when people park on the street and not in their driveway. we moved into a fairly new neighborhood and i kid you not, the first dozen houses you drive by when turning in, have about 2 cars EACH parked on the street. on both sides. so it feels like driving through a crazy mess of a maze to get to our house. i think it's the dumbest thing ever. and looks bad. 95% of those driveways are empty...park in your driveway people (or your garage!), that's what it's for! (yeah, i realize that may sound dumb...but these are just MY pet peeves, remember?)

when my nails chip. being a mom, i think it's just inevitable: the dishes, baths, cooking...heck, i put Bronx in his carseat once and my paint will chip. awe well. (haha, i know: life is so rough)

...and because this is totally not meant to be a downer post, here is another list i made on the same page in my notes, titled: "love":

piña coladas from Belize. my hubby and i went on a cruise in 2011, and one of our stops was Belize. we went tubing down a river through some sweet caves, and then after, a small group of us went and had lunch at a private lagoon. it was one of the coolest things ever, with THE bluest/prettiest water i've ever seen. we had lunch there, and were served (virgin!) piña colodas. i've been craving another ever since. especially through this pregnancy!

folding and putting away the laundry within 24 hours of coming out of the dryer. this is a huge feat you guys. 

having dinner ALL ready when Kevin walks in the door. again, another feat that really shouldn't be so hard to me, yet is for some reason...

my leopard leggings.

even if my hubby hates them! haha. i bought them on a sale rack at Body Central because 1. i only feel comfy in leggings 2. i wanted something fun and different than my black and brown, and 3. they were $5!

ps: my new sewing machine should arrive tomorrow (freak yeah!), which means i can FINALLY finish some projects and share them with you here!

*what is one of your pet peeves? do tell!


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