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spring fashion: fab floral + orchid

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having lived in a different state for the past 3-4 years, it's always interesting to see how each season plays out.  down here in NM this spring, it's been pretty awesome. we have sunny days, yet there's still a slight chill to the air, which is why i think i am obsessed with scarfs lately. i saw this one on Pinterest, fell in love, and bought it. 
okay you're right. if you looked closely, you'll also see that i also have those awesome radiant orchid earrings from OnelittleMomma's Etsy shop (they're not in stock now - bummer, i know! - but she has a ton of other fun colors if you go look...i have my eye on the mustard yellow and green ones now!). these orchid ones go perfect with the scarf, and a white over-sized V neck tee for my over-sized 37 week belly! i have to admit though, at first i was nervous to wear them because i didn't think i had anything to wear them with...wrong! i love the pop of color both the scarf and earrings bring to my comfy/casual maternity outfit.

another plus? i'm wearing 2014's color of the year: radiant orchid. ooooo ahhhh...hahaha who knew? i'm totally not one to follow along/keep up with that, but these items happen to fall into that category, so bomb is what i say.

Happy hump day peeps!

*what is an accessory you are obsessed with lately?

*if you'd like to see my other fashion pins and follow along, you can do so HERE!

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