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DIY: burp cloth tutorial

first off, this post was scheduled for last week, but my cheaper-than-crap-Kmart-6-year-old-sewing-machine just decided to die on me out of the blue. go figure. it was a great little machine, and was a well-spent $40. usually i could get it running again by giving it a good slap to the side, but not this time. i let it sit for a day and tried again...and the next day, again to no avail. so i kind of freaked out, didn't know what to do, texted my "master" seamstress friend, got her opinion on some machines, then ordered one. i ordered this one through Amazon, because i am not a sewing guru, and really don't get more daring than the "straight stitch". it arrived Tuesday afternoon, and you can bet i was on that thing all night. it was like Christmas had come! it's not by any means a Bernina or Singer, but dang. that thing runs soooo much smoother, quieter, and is more heavy duty/solid than my old $40 one. haha, i love it!!

here is project #2 on my list of "things-to-get-done-before-baby-girl-comes"...hah. not really titled that, but you get it. and if you missed it, you can see project #1 here.

these are "sew" easy to make. one of my sister-in-laws made me a bunch of cute ones for Bronx, and i knew i wanted to try making them myself for baby girl (which, yes she has a name, but Kevin and i keep having heated discussions about how to spell/pronounce it...). 

1 pack (or however many you want) of cloth diapers. i grabbed mine at Walmart, and there are 5 in the pack i got.
5 different patterns of fabric, cut to 1/4 yard. again, use however many prints you want, depending on how many burp cloths you're making. as you can see in the above picture, i have 6 because i had an extra cloth left over from...who knows when/how :)
fabric scissors, pins, sewing machine, thread

honestly, there's not a ton to these babies.

STEP 1: cut out a strip of fabric about 5 1/2" x 19". basically just measure the burp cloth length, then see how long you want your cute middle print fabric to be. below you can see that my rose fabric is not flush with the burp cloth fabric, so if you want yours longer or to match up to each end, add an inch onto the length of the burp cloth and you'll be good.

STEP 2: pin it on. the burp cloths are folded in a way that makes it easy to position your fabric in the center, so yay!

STEP 3: sew it on!

and there you have it. totally doable. now i can look somewhat cute as i carry around a baby that is spitting up all over me. oh, and if you were wondering: all my fabric came from Hobby Lobby.

*do you sew? what kind of sewing machine do you own?

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