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i'm blue. if i was green i would die

...did you sing that? does that song take you back? it reminds me of going to youth dances that my church would throw. hah. good times. but anywaaays. it's St. Patty's Day = the day of green! i know i already mentioned here that i just really don't like the color green. like true green. which is weird actually, because that's the color of my eyes, and a color that looks fairly good on me. but i'm definitely a lover of mint-green, and that's just what i gravitated towards when decorating my little table.

the table. like my Valentine's decor this year, i wanted to simplify and keep it clean looking (i've packed stuff on my table in years past). and of course, i wanted to focus more on mint/lime green instead of a traditional green. oh, and gold. man i just love me some good gold lately (sorry if you feel it's being beat to death! haha)

the tassel garland. i told you that you'd be seeing more of these. i kept the gold and white from my (again) Valentine's decor, and just traded the black and pink out for mint and lime green tissue paper grabbed from Hobby Lobby.

the LUCKY printable. i posted about here, and that's where you can download a copy for yourself! i know polka dots are not for everyone, but i sure love them! :)

the KISS scrabble blocks. so my hubby has been working on building me nightstands, and when i was out in the garage looking for some scrap wood last night, i saw these babies and snatched them up. perfect for making scrabble words, which are in right now (and so fun/cute)! i simply cut black vinyl using my Silhouette SD, slapped it on, and called it good. didn't even sand them or anything, which is the look i wanted.

the paper balls/flowers. i had been searching the internet for a good origami ball tutorial, but didn't find any that i particularly liked (or they were like, WAY too complex/time consuming for me!). i finally googled "paper ball silhouette" and i clicked on a picture i thought looked doable HERE. oh my gosh i was so happy to have found this post/link; it was just what i had been searching for! aren't they so cool looking?

the white shamrock/green board. used the back of my "14" wooden sign from here, slapped some shimmery green cardstock from Hobby Lobby on it, cut out a white shamrock shape with my Silhouette SD, and stuck in in the middle. not hard by any means :)

the "pot of gold" jar. i used sequin ribbon from Walmart and wrapped it around a pickle jar (held in place with double-sided tape). the stand was from Walmart from years past (cheaper at the $ store!), and i spray painted it white to match the already painted lid. if i would have been more on top of decorating, i would have filled it with gold coins or some other fun treat! haha, but good thing Bronx doesn't really know the difference or what's really up with holidays yet.

growing up we always had the fun typical breakfast of green pancakes, eggs, and milk. after school we'd come home to green cookies or some other fun green treat. it was simple. nothing else really, but my mom made it fun, and i hope to do the same for my babes as they get older. thanks for swinging by here today! and Happy St. Patrick's Day to you!

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