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Valentine's Day decorations

only 9 more days until Valentine's Day...it's about time i share my decor with you, right?! i shared my free printable with you this morning, so if you missed that go check it out! i picked it up from Costco yesterday and finally feel like my table is good to go. i had such a fun time this year putting these decorations together. i don't know if it's because i haven't done any hands-on crafts lately or what, but i kinda feel like i'm on a crafting high. ha ha. let me show ya the goods:

the table. i wanted to keep it a little more clean and modern so i threw some black and gold into the mix of pinks. and you'd think with this new house and space we have, there'd be a better place for my little table, but no. so it goes in front of a big random window (that is always closed because it looks right into our neighbor's kitchen window so yeah...cool). ha ha.

the tassel garland. ooooohh my gosh. you guys these are so ridiculously easy to make.  i didn't realize how easy until i finally watched this tutorial and busted one out the other night while watching my Bachelor recording. tissue paper and gold fabric i had laying around, plus some tape and string. bam! i think the coolest part about these tassels, is that they aren't connected to each other or the string they are hanging on. so when i take them down, i can mix and match these tassels with other colors for other holidays!

this cute little polka-dotted gold heart. created based off of this tutorial. i grabbed an extra piece of wood from our garage (my hubby is working on a project and so i have lots of wood scraps to work with!), painted it black, drew up a heart in Photoshop, cut it out with my Silhouette onto white vinyl, slapped some gold paper polka-dots on and ta-da! i wanted it to look/feel more whimsical so i didn't use my Silhouette to cut the circles, but used scissors and free-handed them.

the mini mailboxes. i still love these so much! remember when i posted about them here last year? i revamped them a little this year by buying $1 candlestick stands for them (booyah!), and then spray painted and attached them with hot glue. then i cut out new letters with black vinyl. you know, to match the black/gold/pink theme :) i've been placing little goodies like treats and small surprise gifts for my boys inside, and they get to open them each night. so fun!

the printable. want one for yourself? go here to download, i made a few different fun options!

the heart tree. branches from our tree outside, and hearts cut out from my Silhouette. enough said.

okay waaaaaaaiiiit! there's more! i told you i got on a crafting high remember? here's what my little kitchen/breakfast nook looks like:

Again, i know it's not ideal to be taking pics with a giant window in the background, but it's the only natural light i had to work with. oh well right?

the LOVE banner. one of my sis-in-laws made me for Christmas! i love it.

the 14 sign. idea from this tutorial. i painted the wood white, but instead of painting on the numbers, i just cut out red paper with my Silhouette and sprinkled some of my red glitter over it (so ps: buying red glitter paper would have been 10x faster and easier! i just used what i had on hand).

the red glitter hearts. from the $1 store :) stuck in a random vase/hurricane jar.

i'm almost done i promise, here's how i decorated my dresser:

(something funny? my husband came home from work last night and saw everything, then walked into the bedroom and said: "Babe you need to quit with the crafting, we have a billion crafts everywhere and i can't take it!" haha. oh dear. in my defense i have been weeding out ones i never use.)

the mini pom-pom garlands. from Hobby Lobby (they have all different colors and sizes!). i took a needle and embroidery floss and strung them together. easy peasy.

the LOVE LOVE LOVE printable. via here. it's so cute!

the lips. painted a wood block scrap red, and slapped some white vinyl lips on it, cut via my Silhouette. man that thing sure has been handy this week :) i know it's small, but this sassy piece of decor might be my favorite next to the tassel garland.

alright i'm done. sorry not sorry that was a long list. i'm just so excited to be sharing these fun projects with you, and i hope you were able to get some diy inspiration somewhere along the way!

*you can download my latest LOVE printable here, and see my other one here

*do you love to craft too? what is your favorite Valentine's decoration that you have made? mine=the tassel garland or the white lips block...okay or the 14 sign...haha i just had too much fun with it all!


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