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currently loving

painted nails // leopard // and my lovely baby bump. i have a way cool tutorial coming up on nails (like, i'm so excited to share i'm going nuts)! the bump grows bigger every day, and this is what i see when i look down now. putting on shoes or socks is not the funnest.

cereal. all day everyday.

camo pants. same ones pictured above and in this post. i found a cute pair at Walmart (who finds cute things there anyways? oh me!) in the junior section, and bought a few sizes up to fit my growing maternity thighs. totally wanting to buy another pair when i get back to my normal body weight though (like these)!

snow. yes in Albuquerque. in February. i just don't link those together, but i'll take it! seeing these large snowflakes makes me happy.

frozen yogurt. oh man i knew i loved you, but why haven't i been buying you in bulk at the grocery store all along?! my favorite treat right now involves frozen yogurt and sliced up bananas. which i'm currently out of. boo!

this bag. i've kind of, not intentionally, on the side (huh?) been looking for a new diaper bag. i love the one i have now (from Target, polka dots, black, $20), but it's getting worn out and i'd like to find something a little more chic. like a big purse, but durable, and big. did you get that? so when i saw this bag on a lady at church i jumped at finding out more about it! i'm loving the hot pink. this may just be my next purchase before the Little Miss arrives...

these earrings from One Little Belt. and she currently has a deal going on for buy 2 get one Orchid pair FREE (see HERE)! i'm thinking i should go grab mine right now!

Reign. still loving it, and can't wait to watch tonight's episode!

*what are you currently loving?!

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