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printable: i can do hard things

one of the greatest things about blogging, especially now that i am stepping out of my little bubble to design blogs for other people, are the connections and friendships i've made along the way. do you remember when i designed Ashley's blog (see here)? well, we've kept in contact, even had a run in when i got to go home to Idaho to visit (yay!), and the other week she contacted me about making a printable to share with all of you. of course i said heck yes! (again, i was totally flattered she even thought of asking me)

if you are from the Idaho area, you have probably heard of Ashley's story, but for those that haven't, click here to read and learn more about her and what she's been through. warning: be prepared with a box of tissues, because you will bawl your eyes out. i first heard her story when it was happening (we lived in the same town at the time), and then read it again when i had Bronx, and now being pregnant with a baby girl, my heart aches once again for this sweet, strong, and incredible family. 

so when Ashley told me the quote she wanted the printable to say, i knew it held an extra special meaning to her. i kept it simple and clean, wanting the font itself and the words to have more impact. "i can do hard things". it's such a great reminder to each of us to not give up, and to stay strong even when everything seems impossible or frustrating in the moment. for me being 34 weeks pregnant, trying to finish up some custom blog designs, making sure Bronx is getting enough love and attention, and making sure i am getting everything ready for baby girl to arrive, it sometimes feels so overwhelming and like i want to give up. this quote definitely boosted me this week (haha, and don't worry for those asking-i am still going to keep doing custom designs!). it's going to sit on my nightstand from here on out :)

would you like to download it yourself? head on over to Ashley's blog to grab it (i made 4, 8x10"  versions to choose from!)!

* what is your favorite quote?

* what is the hardest thing you've had to do so far this year?

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