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nails: gold + peach

i used to hate the color gold. like, hate hate it. i thought it was old and grandma-y, and too fancy. but thanks to Pinterest, and the zillion fashion bloggers out there who style it so wonderfully, i've come to love me a touch of gold bling. and i especially love it on my nails around this time of year.

colors of choice:
• NYC: Long Wearing Nail Enamel, Extra Shiny Top Coat, #271
• Forever21: Gold
• Forever21: Peachy Cheeks

i had to exchange a shirt at Forever21 over the weekend, and while i was at the counter i saw these two beauties and snatched them right up. why did they have to be so tempting? haha, but really i'm glad i did because i love a good gold polish. and just fyi: the other polish (peachy cheeks) is a lot more of a peachy/coral color...not so pink like it looks in the pic!

here's what i did:

oops. it looks like i have 3 different skin tones! ha. anyways, pretty self-explanatory, but here are the deets:

1. i threw a basic white coat on as a base to bring out the gold, and put two coats of gold on. let dry completely
2. cut some binder-page-ring-things(good name, right?) in half, and placed 'em on my cuticle area.
3. painted 2 coats of "Peachy Cheeks". i could have gotten away with one (love when a polish is awesome like that), but you know me and all my "i-gotta-do-two" ocd-ness. let dry completely before removing the stickers.

i used NYC Extra Shiny as my top coat. and in case you were wondering, yes, it sounds like a lot of layers, but definitely doesn't feel like it.

p.s. i could have just left my nails at step 1, because that looked really pretty too!

* are you a gold fan? 

* what color are your nails right now?

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