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friday favorites

ahh friday. why are you so cool? in my household, it's because the hubs is home (day off) and we get to go do fun stuff. like, go to Home Depot and eat at Texas Roadhouse. anyways, i wanted to pop in and let you know how happy i am to see some new faces over here! hello!! i'm so excited to see you actually, that i'm even working on a FREEBIE! that i'll post soon, as well as show off some of the custom blog designs i've been working on lately. and talking of lately, here are some things i'm loving...


i don't know why it's taken me so long to snatch up this font, but yesterday i did. and i love it. yes, it's been around for a bit (and may even be slightly overused?) but dang, isn't it fun? Bombshell, and Matchmaker are on my hit list as well if you want to check those out...and if you click >>HERE<< you can go stare at all the pretty fonts on my typography board. because isn't staring at fonts fun?! or is that just me??


K and i started watching this tv series a few weeks ago, and hello Phil and Clair Dunphy, you are like our exact replicas.


i watch Vamp Diaries (don't hate....although i am getting less and less into it...yet it is still recording on our dvr...), and this new series Reign comes on right after. so after watching the first 2 minutes of the first 3 episodes, i decided to record that too. i really like it so far!

i freaking love hot chocolate. sure, the temps down here might now be as chilly as idaho, but that won't stop me from busting out a mug or two, and getting cozy while watching my shows at night! my favorites right now (hot chocolate, silly, you already know my shows!) are Stephen's Candy Cane Cocoa and Kandee Johnson's homemade recipe for Candy Cane White Hot Chocolate!

we went to the doc yesterday and found out. i am terrified and thrilled all at the same time! haha, terrified because i know how i was/am, and i am already dreading the teen years...and thrilled because i get to buy girl clothes, and pink things, and make tutus, and do her hair, and paint her little nails...!!! the list could go on peeps.

* i would love to hear some of your favorites today! i'm serious. i really would!

* do you stare at fonts too? like for an abnormally long amount of time??

* have you watched Reign? what do you think?

* what is YOUR favorite hot chocolate recipe!?


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