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things i don't like to do

 this morning i went running in the rain. on purpose. if you've been hanging around, you might already know about my dislike for the rain (mentioned here and here, and if you want to read a funny story about me and the rain, go here<<you'll have to scroll down halfway). but anyways. back to the run.

sidenote: this picture from my phone makes it look way darker than it actually was.

i've been lacking in the fitness department lately. not because i don't want to exercise, but because i feel like my schedule filled up (those that have more than one kid will laugh, because my "filled up schedule" is probably still nowhere near theirs!haha). we've been out of town a bit, and so many awesome people decided they wanted me to design for them. i've really been putting my heart and soul into each design, and well, working-out was pushed to the back-burner. womp womp.
that being said, i'm not a total freak and sit on my computer all day. i would die. i'm so thankful i have baby B to keep me distracted and remind me to get outside and show him the world! we do try to fit in a walk at least once a day.

so this morning was gorgeous and bright and blue....and deceiving. i swear the weather did a mean 180 degree turn for the worse from the time i decided we were going out to run, to right after i had B locked into the stroller. that's when the clouds showed up and it started to rain. awe man! i was reeeeeeaaally tempted to unlock the garage and put everything away. but the fact that i was ready to go, and wanting to run sooooo bad, made me not. my fellow oregonian friends would be proud :)
honestly, the rain wasn't horrible at first. just a light sprinkle. but when we hit halfway it started to pour! sheets! i ran for maybe another minute before stopping under a giant pine tree(thank you oregon for having a billion trees everywhere...). the downpour lasted maybe another 2 minutes and then passed. we continued home.

although i do love the smell of rain, and i do love falling asleep to the sound of it, i still don't enjoy running in it. some other random things i don't like to do?

• pay bills
• pay rent
• clean up dog barf

happy thursday!

*what do you not like to do?

*do you like to run in the rain?

Take June Design

i have been dying to show you this new design for far too long! working with June was awesome. the purpose of her site is to make all women everywhere feel loved, welcomed, and empowered. you must go see what she's all about!

besides working with a fabulous friend, the other thing i am excited about, is all the new coding i learned from designing her site. you guys, i seriously get giddy like a little schoolgirl when i know i just figured something hard out! i may even do a little victory dance around my chair each time.... bahaha. 

click >here< to go see June's site!

Sullenger Design

i was totally flattered when Ashley contacted me to design her site. i don't think she quite realizes how much of a superstar mom she is in my eyes, and how her story and life has made me appreciate life and my little Bronx that much more. being able to work with her was a dream!

to see more of the design up close, head on over to Ashley's site and take a look around! Tell her hi for me and look at how freaking cute she is as a preggo momma....to twins!

a birthday banner with burlap

i was so happy that one of my sis in laws asked if i would make a banner for an upcoming surprise party, because 1. i haven't done anything "hands on" crafty lately and 2. i got to work with burlap for the first time.

here were the colors she gave me:

i loaded up the babe, and we headed to Joann's to pick up some burlap and navy fabric. i may have felt slightly retarded because it took me a while to find the burlap section (ps-it's found by the "industrial" fabric/section). the navy blue fabric is just cotton.

the tricky part came when i actually sat down to figure out how to connect the burlap to the cotton. because burlap is so weird and.....thick and has holes, i couldn't sew on it with a machine(i heard it would be bad news bears if i did that) or use hot glue or fabric adhesive. so i finally just grabbed some yarn and  a big needle. and i stitched across the top like this:

here's the back:

it's kind of hard to see in the pic, but after i stitched the navy cotton to the burlap, i threaded one long piece of yarn through all of them, then placed a piece of tape over that to keep it steady. here is the banner completed and hanging up at the party:

i think if i could do it again, i'd use brown yarn to match the burlap. (oh, and the letters i just cut out with my Silhouette!)

*have you ever made something with burlap before? what was it?

here's me. and what i do.

when i went home to idaho for a visit, my sisters kept telling me how cute and put together i was. well, that was super sweet of them, but i kept telling them that i usually don't look like that. what they see:

really, i am usually found in my running clothes. and here's the proof pic i texted them the other day:

pretty awesome, right? super flattering. hah.
so it's been quiet around here because i've been designing some more blogs. i can't even say how fun it is for me to be able to do this! i love it! let me show you where i "work"(i really can't use that word seriously tho...because it's so fun to me!).

we have the desk. that i actually built myself, and you can read about that fun project over here. lots of sticky notes that make it easy for me to see the info i need to (i hate clicking back through windows to find "that one email" with all the info). then there's more notes with check-lists, my phone to send love texts to the hubs all day(jk...kinda...haha i do also love to send him lots of pics of Bronx), and my Bamboo tablet. i freaking love that thing. and i love it 10000x more since getting more serious with designing. Kevin got it for me 2 years ago.

sometimes when i'm designing i run into new things which require me to experiment. i was designing something for a friend and wanted to put hexagons in the shape of a heart. before i went to rearrange the code, i wanted to see how it actually would look. so i pulled out some sticky notes...

hahaha. that's the picture i texted her. good thing i experimented before changing all the code! turns out you can't make a cute heart out of hexagons....good to know...

anyways, that's what i've been up to. i'm also in the middle of making a birthday banner with burlap. meeessssy. i'll show ya some pics next week!

*do you love what you do?

nails: pretty pastels

i don't know about you, but i am loving this spring weather right now! it's sunny out, getting warmer every day,  and the babe and i are due for a walk right now. i just wanted to drop by and share a simple nail idea with you.

i did my nails like this before i left for idaho. i am really digging the Salon Perfect brand right now. this shade of blue is my top favorite at the moment-it's like a periwinkle. and yeah, i love doing the two-tones and using the binder ring enforcement/stickers(like i did here).

and now the breakdown:

 photo IMG_5807_zps0841b538.jpg

• Wet n Wild: #402(gaa! the sticker name has come off-sorry!it's just a light pink)
•Salon Perfect: pure azure, #113
•New York Color: Matte me Crazy(top coat)

*are you loving pastels right now too?