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here's me. and what i do.

when i went home to idaho for a visit, my sisters kept telling me how cute and put together i was. well, that was super sweet of them, but i kept telling them that i usually don't look like that. what they see:

really, i am usually found in my running clothes. and here's the proof pic i texted them the other day:

pretty awesome, right? super flattering. hah.
so it's been quiet around here because i've been designing some more blogs. i can't even say how fun it is for me to be able to do this! i love it! let me show you where i "work"(i really can't use that word seriously tho...because it's so fun to me!).

we have the desk. that i actually built myself, and you can read about that fun project over here. lots of sticky notes that make it easy for me to see the info i need to (i hate clicking back through windows to find "that one email" with all the info). then there's more notes with check-lists, my phone to send love texts to the hubs all day(jk...kinda...haha i do also love to send him lots of pics of Bronx), and my Bamboo tablet. i freaking love that thing. and i love it 10000x more since getting more serious with designing. Kevin got it for me 2 years ago.

sometimes when i'm designing i run into new things which require me to experiment. i was designing something for a friend and wanted to put hexagons in the shape of a heart. before i went to rearrange the code, i wanted to see how it actually would look. so i pulled out some sticky notes...

hahaha. that's the picture i texted her. good thing i experimented before changing all the code! turns out you can't make a cute heart out of hexagons....good to know...

anyways, that's what i've been up to. i'm also in the middle of making a birthday banner with burlap. meeessssy. i'll show ya some pics next week!

*do you love what you do?


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