here's me. and what i do.

when i went home to idaho for a visit, my sisters kept telling me how cute and put together i was. well, that was super sweet of them, but i kept telling them that i usually don't look like that. what they see:

really, i am usually found in my running clothes. and here's the proof pic i texted them the other day:

pretty awesome, right? super flattering. hah.
so it's been quiet around here because i've been designing some more blogs. i can't even say how fun it is for me to be able to do this! i love it! let me show you where i "work"(i really can't use that word seriously tho...because it's so fun to me!).

we have the desk. that i actually built myself, and you can read about that fun project over here. lots of sticky notes that make it easy for me to see the info i need to (i hate clicking back through windows to find "that one email" with all the info). then there's more notes with check-lists, my phone to send love texts to the hubs all day(jk...kinda...haha i do also love to send him lots of pics of Bronx), and my Bamboo tablet. i freaking love that thing. and i love it 10000x more since getting more serious with designing. Kevin got it for me 2 years ago.

sometimes when i'm designing i run into new things which require me to experiment. i was designing something for a friend and wanted to put hexagons in the shape of a heart. before i went to rearrange the code, i wanted to see how it actually would look. so i pulled out some sticky notes...

hahaha. that's the picture i texted her. good thing i experimented before changing all the code! turns out you can't make a cute heart out of hexagons....good to know...

anyways, that's what i've been up to. i'm also in the middle of making a birthday banner with burlap. meeessssy. i'll show ya some pics next week!

*do you love what you do?


  1. You are so talented! I love that first picture. You are beautiful! xo

  2. I don't even look that good after working out or wearing workout clothes with my hair pulled back like that! Haha you always look so good and put together in pics you put on your blog! I need to be better!


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