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march nails: green zebra

i honestly think these are my favorite nails so far. at least this half and half design:

   photo IMG_5613copy_zps76061400.png

i needed something a little more "wow" because green really isn't my favorite color, and neither is March. but of course i wanted to paint my nails and incorporate some "St. Patty's Day" flare for this upcoming Sunday (weird, i don't remember it ever being on a Sunday growing up..). ha. so when i stumbled across these nails below (via Pinterest) i knew i wanted to try something like them.

 photo neonnails_zps42e6f918.png

arn't they so cool?! i love the neon yellow contrasted with the black stripes, and think it's even cooler that Alice was inspired to do these from looking at a dress! (see her post here) i however, am the worst at free-handing stripes on myself so i opted for an easier option. nail plates. the zebra print specifically (m57). here's what i used:

   photo IMG_5615_zps9932a305.jpg

so if you didn't catch it from my first pic, i used 

» white (pure ice:starstruck) as my basecoat, let dry.
» took scotch tape and taped half my nails, painted half green(pure ice: wild thing. 1 coat works fine, but i used 2...it's habit), let dry.
» taped the other half of my nails and stamped them with (wet n' wild: black creme; nail plate m57)
» top coat (NYC:matte me crazy)

one thing that's suuuuuper important any time you use tape: let it dry completely! i can't say it enough. i actually did the white and green last night during movie time with the hubs, and then did the zebra half this morning.

*by the way, do you have a favorite yellow polish you use? one that's good and thick?
i haven't had much luck with yellow, but then again i think i have only bought one(haha!). it's super watery and i hate it-it's a Salon Perfect brand...

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