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fun find friday: friendship bracelets

while searching through Pinterest last week, i stumbled across a picture that brought back some fond middle school memories (and that's saying a lot, because hello, middle school was not a fond experience).


do you remember these?! i want one in every color.
all i really remember is that my cousin taught me how to make them, and that it was the fun thing to do when we were bored. ahh those good 'ole days of yore. ha. i decided to sit down and make myself one.

i started it during a movie late one night with the hubs, but didn't finish until the following night. these things take time! sheesh. it does look pretty now that it's done. and that's what makes it all worth it, right?  and look^^ i made it green, because it's March...i really have a hard time with green March stuff.

head on over to the Purl bee and check our her awesome tutorial on how to make chevron, striped, and even diamond friendship bracelets!

*did you ever make these growing up?

*what is one fun thing you are going to do this weekend?!
it's my turn to pick the movie, and i think we're gonna see Wreck it Ralph. that is, if i can get to the movie store fast enough-it has been rented out every night i've checked so far! (have you seen it?). it looks cute.

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