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valentine's day: scratch-off cards

i'm sure a lot of you have seen THIS picture floating around Pinterest, yes? such a fun idea for a Valentine card! because i'm also going to be doing this for a YW activity on Wednesday, i decided to test it out.

   photo IMG_5382_zps32cc7f4a.jpg

if you want to try it too, this is what you'll need..

• cardstock paper
• paint brush
• sharpie marker
• white crayon
• dish soap
• acrylic paint
• (and a bowl for mixing)

^^they sell all of these at Target and Walmart, in case you were wondering..

i plan on using these cute pre-designed templates that Lindsay made, but before i printed them out, i wanted to try the technique myself.
so 1. i just grabbed a scrap of cardstock and drew on it:

 photo IMG_5383_zpsec86bac1.jpg

2. i colored generously over the drawing (the area that i will cover with paint), with a white crayon.

   photo IMG_5385_zpsc502ca1e.jpg

3. using a 2:1 ration of soap: paint, i put 2tsp soap in the dish and mixed it with 1tsp paint:
(ps-this was plenty, especially for my tiny hearts!)

4. cover the hearts/area you want covered:

   photo IMG_5389_zps16ac1740.jpg

5. let dry for 1+ hour:

   photo IMG_5390_zps7cfe3064.jpg

6. give to loved one to scratch off and read secret note!

 photo IMG_5399_zps301478c0.jpg

 photo IMG_5401_zpsd74534d7.jpg

 tip: see how you can see the black pen under the heart on the left? i probably should have 1-put another layer of paint on top to cover that 2-used a lighter pen(like pink on the right heart) or 3-used a darker paint

because i did have so much paint left, i decided to try something different.

i took another scrap of cardstock and did everything the same EXCEPT i used an orange crayon instead of a white one. this might seem retarded, like "oh everyone should know that wouldn't work" but i didn't, and wanted to try!

 photo IMG_5400_zpsb70dad2f.jpg

ha ha. a fail. stick to the white crayon :)

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