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Essie vs China Glaze...

I posted this over on my family blog,
but realized it should have gone over here..

I think we've established the fact that I love me some nail polish.
I'd even go as far to say that I collect it.
There is something so alluring to me about those small clean bottles of color,
which is probably why I threw down $15.50 for two bottles (yes, $7.75 each) of Essie nail polish the other week at Walmart.
I kinda felt guilty and sick after that expenditure.
I needed to see what the big deal was.
Almost every fashion blogger loves this brand and I wanted to see for myself how "amazing" it actually was.
I am sad to report that I was disappointed.
The two colors I grabbed were "turquoise&caicos" and "sand tropez".

I tried "turquoise&caicos" first,
and it took me THREE coats to cover completely.
Uh, lame!
My "for audrey" by China Glaze covers in 1 and a half,
is basically the same color(i do love that it has my name in the title too...),
and only costs $3.29.
All that kept going through my head while painting was this little chant:
"Rip off! Rip off! Rip off!"

I tried "sand tropez" a couple days ago and have decided it will probs be my go-to color for November.
This one covered better in two coats.
I do love it,
but that still doesn't mean I'll buy it again.
I'm SURE there's a cheaper color out there that I can find that's similar to it.


So I concluded that peeps must love the Essie brand,
which is totally cool,
but I'm a-okay with a cheaper brand.

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