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Alphabet Cards

It might seem silly that I am already making Bronx these, but I couldn't help myself. I really wanted to make him some cute animal/alphabet flash cards! I knew Lettering Delights had a ton of cute animals I wanted to use, so I headed over there, pulled out my Silhouette, and got to work.

I got all my animals from Lettering Delights BUT the alligator, kangaroo, narwhal, quail, umbrella bird, and vulture. The alligator, kangaroo, umbrella bird, and vulture I found on Pinterest, and the narwhal and quail I found on google images. I took them into the silhouette studio and traced them. Easy peasy. I also kept track of where I got each file, so if you want to do them yourself, here's the list:
(just click the pic and you'll go right to the site)

For the bird and fish:

For the cat, horse, pig, and rabbit:


For the dog:

Stringbean Dogs

For the elephant:

Stringbean Dogs

For the giraffe and yak:

Love Pets

For the iguana and snake:

Stringbean Dogs

For the jellyfish:

Something Fishy

For the lion and monkey:

Nancy's Buddies

For the owl:


For the turtle and fox:

Woodsie Critters

For the whale:

Sea Life

For the zebra:


(if you notice above, i actually cut my own zebra "stripes" freehand with sizzors)


On the back(or front i guess, however you look at it) I used the font "A Truer Blue" to cut out the capital and lowercase letters. I took the above photos before I added their names, because i was trying to decide if i wanted to free hand them or cut each animal name out. I decided to cut the names out("Ariel" font), and I added them directly underneath each animal.

I knew I wanted them laminated to make them last longer, and when I was at Costco the other week, I remembered that my mom had gotten her laminator from there. I called and asked her how she liked it, and she did, so I grabbed my own (it's the Purple Cow brand-i found it over by the ink cartridges and office stuff). Totally worth the $19.85, especially since I am going to use it for multiple projects! It was suuuper easy to set up and use too (ha-i'm always nervous for that part!).


Here they are all done and laminated! I'm so excited to finally finish this project. What I forget is that having a baby around makes everything take 10x longer. ha ha. So instead of busting this out in an afternoon, it took me like 2 weeks. The baby's definitely worth it :) I sat down with little B today(4months yesterday!) and went through them all, and he loved looking at the colors!

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