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Nail Art

I wish I had gone to cosmetology school.
Because I love doing my hair and nails,
and because I think that it would be a fun proffesion to do working from anywhere.

A week or so after Christmas,
my sister-in-law and I went to the mall to use up some gift cards and coupons.
While we were there we came across a kiosk called Belle Pier.
And that's when our new obbsession began,
or as Lins's husband calls it:
"It's the gift that keeps on giving."
{husbands really don't like those kinds....}

for all you nail-lovers out there...
let me introduce you to the Konad nail art stamper:


Here's how it works:
{if you can't figure it out just from looking at it...}

You buy whatever plates you want,
paint your polish on the design you want to use,
scrape off the excess with the blade,
and use the stamper,
to transfer the design from the plate to your nail!
Whoever thought of this was a genius.
{and Kevin is ticked that he: "didn't think of something stupid like this to make me a lot of money."!}

It's the best thing ever,
because now I can do whatever cute design I want,
without going to a salon or spending booko bucks for it.

Here's a look at what we've {Lins, my sisters, and me} done to our nails lately:




Pretty stinking cute right?
let me tell you about a little secret that I wish I would have thought of earlier.
I spent about $28 at the mall kiosk for 3 nail image plates{they are $7 each} and a stamper + scraper.
Don't you go and do that too.
go to Amazon.com and search for "nail art image plates".
there you can find whole bundles of plates for the price I paid.
Seriously a wayyyyy better deal!
I was sad when I looked later and found this out - but now you know where I'll be buying them from!


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